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the company TeamSystem S.p.A. (“TeamSystem”, "we", "our" or the "Company"), with registered office in Via Sandro Pertini, 88, 61122 Pesaro (PU), contactable at, as data controller, provides you here below with information on the use of cookies on our website (the "Website").

Cookies are short text strings that the Website sends to the User's terminal, where they are saved and then retransmitted to the Website on his or her next visit. Cookies may be first-party (placed by the Company itself) or third-party. Cookies are useful because they enable the Website to recognise the User's device and make it possible to browse through the pages, remembering the preferences shown and improving the User browsing experience. In certain cases, some types of cookies also ensure that online ads are more suited to Users or more relevant to their interests. For more information on cookies, please click here.

Browser settings

By changing their browser settings, Users can decide to make the installation of any type of cookie conditional on their prior consent, or can completely block their installation. Remember that the way that settings are changed differs between browsers, as described in each browser's "Help" menu. To understand how to adjust cookie settings, please see the following links:

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Cookies used by the Website

In accordance with the provisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling C-673/17 regarding the use of cookies and “Guidelines 05/2020 on consent pursuant to Regulation 2016/679” adopted by the European Data Protection Board, consent to the use of cookies must be granted freely, expressly and unambiguously. For this reason, the Website activates the use of cookies only if the User clicks on the “Accept All” button located in the banner that appears when first accessing the Website.

If Users wish to configure or change their cookie settings per individual cookie, they can access the Change Preferences section.

. To change their cookie settings in a more detailed way, Users can use the methods set out in this Cookie Policy.

The Website uses different types of cookies for different purposes: necessary technical cookies, technical analytics cookies, functionality optimisation cookies and profiling cookies. Some cookies may be sent by external third parties to add additional features to our website as shown below.



Users can disable the first-party cookies shown in the table by clicking on the links shown or, in the case of third-party cookies, by accessing the information and consent forms of the respective third party. Additionally, as already mentioned, Users can also change their choices in an aggregated way by accessing the Change Preferences section.

Users can also manage their third-party cookie preferences by visiting and following the instructions shown..


Changes and Updates

This cookie policy is valid from the date of the last update, shown below. The Company may also make changes and/or additions to this cookie policy, including as a consequence of any regulatory changes and/or additions. Users can view the text of the latest up-to-date cookie policy at TeamSystem has appointed a Data Protection Officer, pursuant to article 37 of Regulation (EU) no. 2016/679 (“GDPR”), who is available to answer your questions on how we treat your data and who can be contacted at the TeamSystem head office or by email at

Last update 30/06/2020

Consult all of the previous versions of the cookie policy at this link.


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