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TeamSystem is a leading tech company in the market for digital business management solutions for companies and professionals.

TeamSystem brings digital into every business

TeamSystem brings digital into every business

One of the most important Italian players in the ICT sector, the Company has over the years positioned itself as a true enabler of digital competitiveness for its customers by offering solutions for managing SMEs and professional firms (accountants, labor consultants and lawyers).

With the aim of supporting the competitiveness of companies and professionals, the TeamSystem Group has also developed innovative fintech solutions for the management of collections, payments and bank reconciliations.

In 2023, the Group recorded a turnover of 851 million euros, with direct offices serving more than 2 million customers operating on its digital and cloud platforms, where on average more than 480 million electronic invoices with a total of 1.100 billion euros transacted are handled each year.

2,0 Millions of customers

Our solutions provide broad coverage of both the different functional areas and market sectors in which our customers operate.

4.800 Employees in Company

Our Company has over 4.800 employees.

851 Millions of Euros in revenues

In 2023 we recorded revenue of more than 851 million euros - a steady growth since 2000.

Our history: an important growth path

TeamSystem was established more than 40 years ago in Pesaro. Initially focused as a software house, over the years it has become a real point of reference in Italy for the digitization of SMEs and professional firms, combining the production of management software with the development of cloud-based digital platforms and services and, in recent years, offering innovative fintech solutions for the market.
Since 2000, the year of the change to new management, TeamSystem has grown steadily at rates well above the IT market average, with respect to all key financial indicators, and turnover will exceed 851 million euros in 2023.

Thanks to a strategy of acquisitions aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of the group's offerings in the cloud and digital transformation, a series of operations to grow in certain vertical markets, and the establishment of new specialist companies, TeamSystem has steadily expanded its offerings, entering the fintech services, ecommerce, SME rating and HR management markets.
The TeamSystem group has more than 4.800 employees and has always invested in technological research and development. Some 1.000 software engineers, 80% of them agile, are working on the development of ever more innovative, secure and user-friendly solutions.

Our mission is to bring digital into every business, which is why TeamSystem works every day alongside customers, SMEs and professionals, to support their digitization programs, developing their competitiveness and making their processes increasingly agile.