TeamSystem Next Initiatives

TeamSystem Next is a set of TeamSystem initiatives, a "new way of working"

TeamSystem's history goes back a long way and over the years, it has transformed, grown and set itself challenging goals by expanding its horizons; it has been a pioneer in enabling change for its customers. People in the group continued to innovate, enriching their skills, thanks also to the contribution of new colleagues in the team and the integration of different businesses. Entrepreneurship, innovation and digital drive have always been TeamSystem's hallmarks.

Today we are going through a new historical moment and change like never before. Our features have enabled TeamSystem to anticipate this change and ride the transformation instead of being left behind. In this way, TeamSystem has become recognized as one of the leading players in Italy’s digitization, while always standing by its customers.

TeamSystem's commitment to 'Bringing digital into every business' has not changed, it has got stronger. To evolve further we always look to the future by building on our history, prioritizing our customers and articulating the values that we want to guide us in facing the next challenges: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Inclusion.
Mission and values represent our identity, guide our choices and our concrete commitment to our customers, the communities in which we operate and our employees. We have already defined our ambition for Group employees: 'TeamSystem Next, naturally digital', which allows people to experience the Company mission first hand.
TeamSystem Next is a set of initiatives, a 'new way of working', with these strategic pillars:

  • FLEXIBILITY and WELLBEING: TeamSystem sees people’s wellbeing as essential to the success of the Company itself, according to the principle that the contribution an individual can bring to the Company is proportional to satisfaction with their professional and personal life balance. Flexibility is one of the main levers through which wellbeing is made possible.
  • RESPONSIBILITY AND TRUST: trust as a prerequisite for creating an environment where people feel responsible, autonomous and engaged. Each person is responsible for achieving their own goals.
  • INVOLVEMENT AND GROWTH: People who are more involved are more motivated, and working towards objectives makes people and businesses grow.

A new way of working

Our strategy is implemented in several areas:

Our strategy is implemented in several areas:

  • Providing technical and legal compliant tools so that people have the flexibility to work anywhere with, for example, the provision of a smart working pack
  • Supporting people in changing their management style by moving from control to working by objectives, building, communicating and living the values of TeamSystem
  • Supporting people through wellbeing, giving them tools and training to cope with change (agile methodology training, new technical and managerial skills, values training, and so on)
  • Transforming workspaces by realizing a new vision for offices and ensuring that they become places of corporate culture which can change according to new needs

To make TeamSystem Next's ambition a reality, the Company has rethought its working methods and governance with respect to new demands for efficiency, flexibility and digitalization with the ‘Light Friday’ initiative, which allows for absence from work on Friday afternoons, smart working that takes the form of a flexible 60/40 - 40/60 work ratio aimed at ensuring the right balance between personal and professional life.

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