We want to improve the competitiveness of professionals, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises by providing digital solutions based on modern platforms with high added value.

"Bringing digital into every business" is the mission of TeamSystem, which for more than 40 years has been supporting businesses and professionals on the path of innovation to digital with products and services that simplify daily activities and increase operational effectiveness and efficiency. 

TeamSystem's ambitious goal is to improve the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals by providing digital solutions based on modern, high value-added platforms that simplify processes, increase productivity, improve communication, develop shared knowledge and reduce errors. 


Making Italian companies more competitive through digital solutions with an immediate and concrete impact on business.

A Nationwide System

Contributing to the country’s progress by building digital platforms that connect businesses, PA, citizens.


Spreading the use of tools and practices that enable people of all genders and abilities to express their talents in an effective and rewarding way.


Helping to improve the impact on the environment with digital solutions designed for environmental sustainability and reduced resource consumption.

TeamSystem addresses:

TeamSystem addresses:

  • to SMEs that demand precision in data analysis, overview and functions created for their business from management software;
  • to Chartered Accountants, Labor Consultants and Lawyers who want to be efficient in their practice management, offer advanced services and experiment with new forms of collaboration with their clients;
  • to micro-enterprises, start-ups and freelancers who need smart, advanced, easy but powerful tools to manage their business;
  • to all companies and professionals who are looking for advanced digital services to support their growth and guide them in their digital transformation.
The digital opportunity

The digital opportunity

Digital is definitely an opportunity both to make life easier for our companies and to make the Italian system more competitive. Introducing and supporting the adoption of digital processes is the best way to achieve the productivity required to compete in global markets and to return to solid growth. 

Thanks to digital technology, Italian SMEs can access business data in real time and thus have a clearer picture of the situation, allowing them to be more flexible and agile and to be able to react and adapt quickly to an increasingly changing and challenging macroeconomic environment. Furthermore, with the introduction of digital systems for Industry 4.0, manufacturing companies can effectively plan production and keep factory processes constantly monitored, improving their business performance. 

TeamSystem solutions for digital

TeamSystem solutions for digital

Digital also paves the way for the optimization of human resources management processes, supporting both HR departments and employment consultants in their daily work. Thanks to digital systems, it is possible to manage all aspects of employee organization, from the monitoring of administrative and organizational processes to the development of the human and professional assets of each company. 

For professionals, then, digital is also a fundamental means of increasing collaboration with their clients, through effective sharing of work documents in total security. The aim is to create a collaborative ecosystem, through which greater synergies and greater efficiency in achieving common results can be achieved.

Last but not least, TeamSystem's Fintech solutions enable the effective digitization of credit access processes and the management of payment and collection services, giving further support and impetus to the digitization of the supply-chain and an increase in business competitiveness, factors crucial for the Italian economy.

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