Ours is a market-oriented organization where the customer is placed at the center of the TeamSystem ecosystem

Prioritizing customer needs

Prioritizing customer needs

Aware that business organization is an enabler of business strategy, TeamSystem is organized in business units that focus their activities by prioritizing customer needs.

This business unit organization allows us to harness the strength of our functional competences and, at the same time, to manage the customer and the offering end-to-end for the target market, acting in an integrated manner on all levers to meeting customer needs and seizing opportunities.

The different business functions, strategic for managing and enhancing customer value, from product marketing to sales, from customer service to delivery, have been grouped into 4 Macro Business Units, each focusing on a specific market sector:

  • Enterprise Solutions, for companies
  • Professional Solutions, for accountants and labor consultants
  • Micro and Digital Finance Solutions, for micro-enterprises and the fintech market
  • Market Specific Solutions, specifically for public authorities, CAFs, construction companies, legal offices, solutions for 3D CAD, PDM/PLM CAM, 3D printing and machine tools, and finally digital identification systems such as e-signature and SPID 
  • HR Solutions, for HR solutions in the corporate market

The Business Units, which internally have all the levers to flexibly address the market, are supported by a solid central structure, incorporating all existing personnel and R&D roles, to form a center of excellence and transversal expertise.
Finally, the TeamSystem group has a presence in foreign markets in Denmark, Spain and Albania.

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