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How we process your personal data

TeamSystem carries out the processing of your personal data by electronic and manual systems, according to the principles of fairness, honesty, and transparency, and protecting your privacy by the implementation of technical and organisational measures appropriate to ensure an adequate level of security.
The processing operations are performed at the TeamSystem’s premises and/or at the premises of the independent Processors who carry out the processing on behalf of TeamSystem.
As concerns the Usage Data and the Navigation Data, in compliance with the above-stated purposes and based on your express consent (where required), we may perform analytic activities, also through the interconnection
Interconnection refers to the use of two or more combining databases. For instance, the data contained in a database may be automatically updated in case of amendments to the data contained in a second database.
of data relating to the various products and services purchased by you from the companies of the TeamSystem group, by collecting Usage Data and Navigation Data relating either to products installed on the user’s equipment (“on premises” products) or to “in cloud” products, that is by collecting data during the online use of such services.
As concerns usage statistics, we avail ourselves of tools enabling the collection of Usage Data.
Such tools may require collecting data that are generated locally, within the product used by you, through communication with your systems, or having access to such data. With specific reference to the collection of “in cloud” Usage Data, TeamSystem uses, among others, analytic tools for the collection, measurement and analysis of Usage Data and Navigation Data with a view of understanding, optimising, and enhancing the use of the Website and of our products (e.g., web analytics, customer analytics, querying and dashboarding).
Furthermore, in compliance with the above-stated purposes and based on consent given by you, we may interconnect the data relating to your navigation on the Website with the data supplied by you upon filling a form on the same Website.
For more information about cookies and other tracking technologies used on the website, and the following processing of your Navigation Data, please consult our cookie policy here.
The cloud CRM application uses the data received from Google’s API's
What API means?
An Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of definitions and protocols used to build and integrate application software.
and shares them with other apps that are selected by the customer, in compliance with the user data policy of Google API services (Google API Services User Data Policy) including the Limited Use Requirements.