Privacy Policy
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What types of personal data we process

Personal data means any information enabling, directly or indirectly, your identification.
We collect and use your personal data for the purpose of entering into, and performing, your agreement with TeamSystem. We further collect and use your personal data when you visit, search, request or use any TeamSystem’s service and/or product (including those available on this Website).
In some cases, we may gather your personal data also from other companies of the TeamSystem group, or from public databases.

Categories of personal data we collect:
Identifying contact and access details
Means data such as: name, surname, username, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, TeamSystem ID and password, image of the profile (if you set one)
Product data
Means data relating to the products and/or services that have been -respectively- licensed to, or subscribed by, the users, including the information contained in documents managed by means of such products or services.
Invoicing and payment data
Means data such as: VAT number, taxpayer’s code, address and (if any) business name.
Navigation data
Means data relating to the internet connection, IP address
IP address
The IP address is the equivalent of the postal address but referred to your device (pc, mobile, tablet). In other words, it is a unique address identifying a specific device.
, domain names and to other parameters relating to the browser and operating system of the users.
Usage data
Means data generated in connection with the use of the purchased products or services, whether in the case of “on premises” products (i.e., when the product is installed on the user’s systems or equipment) or in the case of “in cloud” products (i.e., online services provided by TeamSystem), such as: log data
Log data
The Data log is a file that stores information on the operation of a device and that record, in particular, the occurred errors and problems.
, data relating to licenses, installations, and settings, data relating to the recordings that have been taken, interaction and transaction processes, performance indicators, data relating to navigation flows and page views, usage and statistics concerning specific features.
The TeamSystem ID
You can access TeamSystem’s products and services using the credentials of your TeamSystem ID, in compliance with the relevant contract terms and conditions.
Furthermore, the creation of the TeamSystem ID enables the activation of a functionality designed to collect and store log data about the access to, and the use of, the management platforms. By this functionality, it is possible to monitor whether the platforms are operated in compliance with the security requirements set forth in the GDPR.
The data shall only be collected if this functionality is active with respect to the products/services accessed by users using the TeamSystem ID.
If this functionality is active -in order to provide, in compliance with the relevant contract terms and conditions, the requested services- TeamSystem will process the data relating to its own services, and will also process data acting as the Processor, on behalf of the Controller of the management platform.