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How and whit whom we share your data

We may disclose your data to other person or entities carrying out service activities that are integral and necessary for the provision of our products or services. When sharing your data, we comply with theprinciples of purpose limitation, and of data minimization
What are the principles of purpose limitation, and of data minimization?
The principles of purpose limitation requires that the processing is only carried out for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes.
established in the GDPR.
The recipients of your data shall carry out the processing by acting as independent controllers, as processors or as other processors in charge of processing operations.
If you wish to receive the list of all processors carrying out processing operations, please contact us at the address
We disclose your data to the following recipients:
  1. Third-party providers of assistance and consulting services in the field of (without limitation) technology, accounting, administration, legal, insurance.
  2. Companies of the TeamSystem group.
  3. If there are business partners involved in the performance of the contract, we may disclose part of your personal data to our distributors, retailers and other partners participating in the products/services distribution chain of the TeamSystem group.
  4. Banks and financial institutions.
  5. Debt-recovery agencies.
  6. Entities and public authorities whose right to receive personal data is expressly granted by law, regulations or by an act issued by a competent authority.
  7. Prospective buyers and other entities arising from a merger, or any other company restructuring, or conversions.
  8. Public databases and credit reporting information systems
Upon your prior consent, we may also disclose your personal data for marketing purposes to other third parties and commercial partners in charge of marketing campaigns on our behalf.
Do we transfer personal data abroad?
Personal data may be freely transferred within the European Union.

Should TeamSystem need to transfer personal data, for the specified purposes, outside the European Union to countries not considered adequate by the European Commission (e.g., United States), TeamSystem shall take the necessary measures to protect the personal data.
We will act in compliance with the safeguards required by the law, pursuant to the applicable regulations and in particular to Article 45 and Article 46 of the GDPR.
If you wish to have further information about the existing safeguards, and to receive a copy of such safeguards, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the address:

List of articles in this section:

Art. 45
Details of Art. 45 GDPR
Transfers based on an adequacy decision.
It enables the transfer of personal data to a third country or an international organization offering, according to a decision of the European Commission, an adequate level of protection for personal data. Furthermore, it lays down the requirements based on which the decision is to be taken.
Art. 46
Details of Art. 46 GDPR
Transfers subject to appropriate safeguards
Personal data may be transferred to a third country or an international organisation if the controller has adopted appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of personal data.